Business Owners

Installing New Locks

Thieves are not the only security threat to your business. You also must protect your business from internal threats like unauthorized personnel accessing restricted areas in your business or former employees coming back and damaging property. Our technicians at Super Locksmith will make sure this never happens to you on our watch. We work quickly to install new locks on your doors to eliminate any security threats and ensure the safety of your business and your employees.


Replacement Keys

Tired of searching for “key copy near me” every time you need key replacements? Search no further. Super Locksmith is at your service 24/7. Things happen and your keys may get lost or broken, particularly when you are dealing with multiple keys and multiple hands. When this occurs, you need a dependable locksmith service that acts fast and can provide “key duplication near me” services in a blink of an eye. No one does it faster than Super Locksmith!

Providing a Master Key

 Regardless of the size of your enterprise, master key systems are a huge advantage because they allow you to open multiple locks with the same keys. This cuts down on the number of keys you need to keep and makes unlocking doors much smoother. Super Locksmith can help you install a master key system for your business.

Help with Rekeying

Rekeying your current locks allows you to quickly restrict access and issue a new key to an authorized individual. The rekeying process is a convenient and budget friendly way of getting a new key for a lock without actually changing the lock.