Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Business Lockouts

Responding to a lockout situation is a top priority for us. Time is money; don’t lose precious productivity due to a lockout. Our emergency locksmith service guarantees quick response to a commercial lockout. We have the necessary tools to unlock your doors so you can get on with the daily operations of your business.

Replacing or Repairing Old Locks

Overtime, your locks will experience wear and tear. The condition of your locks is important in maintaining sound security for your company. Wondering where to cut keys in Toronto? Super Locksmith is your number one choice. We have highly trained locksmiths who are equipped to maintain your locks and can perform periodic checks to ensure they are in good working condition.

Mailbox Key Replacement

Need new locks for your mailbox? There are different reasons why you would need to replace your mailbox lock. Maybe your mailbox key has gone missing or your mailbox lock is broken. Our mailbox key replacement service will ensure that your access to your mailbox is restored in no time.

Unlocking or Repairing Different Types of Safes

Companies need safes to store valuable business items like blueprints, trade secrets, hardcopies and other sensitive data. You need to be able to access these documents when you need them. If you are having problems with your safe and need a locksmith to open the safe, we’ll be happy to assist you. Our safe locksmiths will unlock your safe or repair it if it has malfunctioned.

Opening and Unlocking File Cabinets

File cabinets are essential for storing records and important information your business needs to operate. But sometimes cabinets jam or the lock gets stuck. If your file cabinet malfunctions and you’re unable to open it, do not worry. Our reliable team of commercial locksmiths is here to help!

Cut Off Old Rusty Padlocks

Padlocks need to be replaced periodically to ensure that they remain strong. Overtime, padlocks can become rusty. Old, rusty padlocks become difficult to open and have a higher chance of getting jammed. They are also less effective when it comes to security. If you notice your padlocks look aged and rusty, call Super Locksmith today and we will remove and replace your padlocks with no hassle.

High Security Locks and Doors

We know how important it is for your company to be safe at all times. We keep up-to-date with emerging technology and new security products as they become available on the market.


Many companies use lockboxes for secure storage of important business items. Should you experience any issues with your lockbox, our locksmiths at Super Locksmith have experience working with various types of lockboxes and can help you open it.

Fleet Vehicle Key Service

We provide electronic key control solutions for our clients in the auto industry. We offer a range of products that are perfect for managing security for a fleet of vehicles. The key service we offer is easy to use and has enhanced features that are designed to keep the vehicles secure at all times. Whether you are a dealership or manage a fleet of vehicles, we have fleet vehicle key solutions that are perfect for you.

Gate Keys

You want to have control over traffic coming in and out of your commercial property. Keep the premises surrounding your business secure by installing secure gate locks and keys. We offer superior security products that are perfect for gates.

Dock and Warehouse Keys

Your warehouse stores large quantities of products and supplies for your company. Without solid security, your warehouse may be at risk for break-ins. Your dock and warehouse should be equipped with secure locks to protect your company’s assets. Need a new set of keys for your dock and warehouse? We offer key duplication services for dock and warehouse keys. Keep your dock and warehouse secure with high quality locks you can rely on for heightened security.

Master Key Systems

Super Locksmith can help you set up your business with a master key system that will give your business ultimate security. Not only do we install the master key system for your business, we will also help maintain it for you and address any concerns that may arise.

Access Control Systems

This technology allows you to restrict certain areas of your business to authorized personnel using identity authentication methods like access cards, pin codes, face recognition, fingerprint or smart phones. We can help you set up and manage access control systems for your company to ensure the right people have access to restricted areas or sensitive information.

Keyless Entry Systems

These security systems are designed to lock and unlock doors remotely. They rely on either passive or active transmission signals to arm or disarm an entryway. Trust our team to install and manage your keyless entry systems so you can control access to various areas of your business remotely.

Frequently Asked Questions

The amount of time you will have to wait for a locksmith to come to your aid depends on a couple of factors: proximity and availability. If you are in an emergency, the best thing you can do is to utilize your search engine and search for “locksmith near me.” That will bring up a list of those who are closest to you. The closer they are, the sooner they can get to you, if they aren’t busy. On average, you can expect a locksmith to arrive in about 15 to 30 minutes. If a locksmith in Toronto has mobile technicians, they may be able to get to you quicker. Fortunately, Super Locksmith has locksmiths readily available in the Toronto area.

No. Experienced commercial locksmiths like Super Locksmith will be able to determine what type of locks your business has quite easily. This is based on our in-depth knowledge of security systems. Once we arrive on the scene, we’ll be able to provide the necessary solution for your problem based on the type of locks you have.

This will depend on the type of security lock and key you have on your doors. However, on average, a security door locksmith can typically take under 30 minutes to open your doors. But this is based on the type of method he or she uses to unlock the door.

A commercial door locksmith like ourselves is trained to use non-destructive methods to pick the lock and unlock the door without causing damage to the lock or the door. That said, there are rare cases where the lock may become damaged in the process. Unfortunately, depending on the circumstances, the only way we can open the door is by drilling it.

No. Our professional locksmiths exercise caution when dealing with safes. Knowing that there are valuable items in it, our locksmith will use techniques that allow them to open the safe without damaging your valuables. However, if you have a particular concern about a fragile item within the safe, we recommend that you inform us ahead of time just to be on the safe side.

In most cases, yes, the safe will need to be replaced because its security will have been compromised during the process of forcing the safe open.

The amount of money you pay for commercial locksmith services depends on what service you need. Some of the common services like mailbox key replacement, office lockout and rekeying locks begin at about $45. Safe lockouts are slightly higher and start at about $65.