Key Cutting and Key Duplication

Searching for key cutting services in Toronto? Super Locksmith has got the process down pat! Many people request a new set of keys without much thought about the process that goes into cutting a key. Unfortunately, not everyone who claims to be an expert in key cutting is. There are many nuances to keep in mind during the process to ensure that the new key works with the intended lock.
Super Locksmith is the locksmith you can trust to always get it right. With an in-depth knowledge of key cutting and copying, our key duplication service comes second to none.

Key Cutting vs. Key Duplication

New keys are made either by key duplication or key cutting. So what is the difference? They are similar in some ways but have some distinct variations when it comes to the method used to create the new key.

Key duplication is the replication or making an identical copy of an existing key. For the new key to work, it has to be an exact match, or else it will not open the lock. Key duplication can only be done if you do have the original key handy. If the original key is lost or broken, you will need to have a brand new key cut that will work on the existing lock.

Key cutting is a process that makes a key from scratch. Using the lock, our technicians use specialized equipment to produce the new key. It is a more complex process so it takes longer to cut a key than it does to duplicate it. Key cutting can also be used to duplicate an existing key but is a more expensive option.

Not All Keys are Created Equal for Key Copying

While the vast number of keys can be copied using our high-tech equipment, there are some keys that cannot be copied. An example is electronic car keys that have been purchased from an online source. Unbranded electronic aftermarket keys often work with the corresponding vehicle, however, because they are of lower quality than genuine parts, you may not be able to get a new key cut and programmed.

Key copying works best on keys that are genuine parts made by the manufacturer. This is because these keys are of higher quality and must meet the manufacturer’s quality standards.

Many people may be drawn to these cheaper options, but the downside is that trying to copy these types of keys can be problematic. This is particularly common with car keys. Worse still, using these cheaper keys on the market can be damaging to your car.

It’s also important to note that there are some keys that are patented or may be labeled “Do not duplicate.” If your keys have this inscribed, we will not be able to duplicate your key.

Types of Keys We Cut

It is a good idea to make sure that you have a set of spare keys for your home, office, or car so you can reduce the chances of having an emergency that disrupts your day. However, if you haven’t gotten around to getting that second key made and you run into a situation where you do need keys cut urgently, Super Locksmith is here to help. Thanks to our emergency locksmith services, we can make it to you in a flash and get you back into your home, car, or office by simply using your lock to cut a new key.

We offer key copying services for the following types of keys and locks:

  • Cylinder locks (regular house keys)
  • Mortise locks
  • Garage door locks
  • Padlocks
  • Tubular keys
  • Desk drawer/locker/cabinet keys
  • Safes

Tips for Keys for Locks that Won’t Work

Sometimes newly cut keys will not work because the hand-finishing was done correctly or was omitted altogether. Hand finishing is a process that our technicians do as soon as a key is released from the cutting machine to make sure that all the sharp edges are consistent with the lock. Failure to complete this finishing touch can result in the key malfunctioning or fragments of it breaking off inside the lock. In addition to using top-of-the-line equipment for cutting keys, Super Locksmith takes it a step further by making sure that the hand-finishing process is done, rendering your key ready for use. With us, you can expect nothing but the best.