Keyless Entry System

Installing a keyless entry system needs competence and accuracy are to ensure that it functions properly. As a result, we do not advise you to do this on your own. You will need a professional locksmith to install it, which is exactly what Super Locksmith provides. We take pleasure in providing high-quality service at reasonable prices while also assuring the safety of your house.

Benefits of Keyless Entry System

  • To open your door, you no longer need to carry a bunch of keys.
  • They are pick proof since they are electronic, therefore forcing access into these doors is more difficult.
  • You have greater control using your smartphone to unlock doors when you arrive at your house or place of business; you can even use fingerprints!
  • They have a very sleek appearance, which helps to improve the curb appeal of your home or company.
  • Need to let someone in while you’re out? You can easily accomplish this with your phone!

Will a Cylinder or Deadbolt Work With a Keyless Entry System?

In most circumstances, no substantial modifications to your door are required to make it comply with a keyless entry setup. The majority of keyless locks available are designed to function with current deadbolts and cylinders. Only a few small changes to the current lock are required for it to function. Many keyless lock types, on the other hand, are designed to function only with deadbolts and may not work with some integrated locks and handles, as well as mortise and rim cylinder locks. There are a few exceptions to this rule, but the vast majority of keyless locks on the market make use of the deadbolts that most people currently have. If you don’t have an integrated lock and instead have separate deadbolts and handles, the old lock can be used.

Will the Keyless Lock Have an Alternative Form of Access?

Absolutely. Many of the keyless locks that are becoming extremely popular among homeowners have a backup access method in case the lock malfunctions. The keyless lock’s battery can fail while the owner is locked out. Many keyless locks are coupled with classic keyed entry mechanisms to allow homeowners to get access to their houses even if the keyless lock is not operating properly.

Can I Operate the Lock With My Phone?

A smart lock can be opened with your smartphone. There are few exceptions, and they rely on as to whether the resident’s phone is compliant with the smart lock they have installed. Smart locks are designed to make the process of locking and unlocking doors more fluid and efficient while still ensuring the safety of the homeowner. Smart locks, in their attempt to replace classic keyed systems with remote access through a smartphone, avoid many of the flaws that ordinary key systems do. Homeowners enjoy the comfort of knowing that they will never lose their house keys again and that they can lock their homes from afar if they fail to do so on their way out one day.

Are Your Locksmiths Trained To Install Smart Locks?

Totally! Our locksmiths have been qualified to assist you with the installation of smart locks. Because the nature of the locksmith industry is evolving, we must ensure that our experts are up to date on all of these developments. They understand how to install a smart lock effectively and professionally. Our experts have completed several smart lock installations, so they are well experienced with your smart lock.

Will My Door Be Damaged in the Process of the Keyless Lock Installation?

No, your door will not be jeopardized during the digital door lock installation. The majority of keyless locks may be utilized with deadbolts that are already installed in the residence. If a deadbolt isn’t already installed, one can be added to ensure a seamless keyless lock installation. If your door includes a lock and a handle/knob set that was installed independently, the knob set may need to be removed. This will be determined by which keyless lock you choose to put on your front door.