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Rekeying and Lock Changes

A key fob is in an electric lock with enhanced features that allow you to gain entry to the vehicle and start the ignition without using an actual key. Since the fob needs to communicate with the vehicle’s locking system through radio waves, it needs to be programmed correctly. It is vital that you have your key fob replaced by an expert who knows what they are doing. Our highly trained locksmiths can replace a key fob without having the original handy.

For safety reasons, a new homeowner should have the locks in their new home changed or re-keyed. This is the first order of business when you move into a new home. When you need a new key made don’t waste precious time searching for “key cutting near me” on Google. Super Locksmith is the number one choice for reliable locksmith services in the region.

Our friendly technicians will come to your aid quickly whenever you need the locks changed or rekeyed. We are just a phone call away.

Lockout Services

Finding yourself in a situation where you cannot access the property you are trying to sell can be stressful. When you’re in a jam, you don’t have to worry about coming to our location, we’ll come to you. Simply give us a call and we will be there in minutes. Our friendly technicians are happy to help any time of the day.

Lockbox Services

A lockbox is a safe and secure way to store keys to a house that is on the market. Should you run into any trouble with your lockbox, our team at Super Locksmith is ready and able to come to your aid.


This is probably one of the least favorite aspects of the job for many realtors. When an election order has been processed, our role as your trusted locksmiths is to assist in making the process run as safely and smoothly as possible. We know how critical it is to secure the property as soon as the eviction papers are served. Our fast-acting locksmiths at Super Locksmith will be there on time to change the locks.


During foreclosures, our locksmiths are an essential part of the process and can carry out the appropriate orders to open the lock and key and quickly reprogram a new key combination for the lockbox.

Master Key Systems

If you’re not using a master key system to unlock doors for individual units in an apartment building or condominium then it’s a good time to think about having a master key system installed by our experienced locksmiths. This makes things a lot more convenient.