Rekey Lock

Rekeying locks is the act of modifying a lock so that it can still function and safeguard your house, but with a whole new key. This is a cost-effective solution that many homeowners are completely unaware of. Super Locksmiths’ experienced locksmiths are well-equipped to assist homes with lock rekeying. It is highly usual for homeowners to desire a single key to manage all of their doors, and this is one of the most popular reasons for rekeying locks. We’re here to make sure you’re able to do this task.

Why You Should Rekey Your Locks

On your property, you have locks that require numerous keys. Rekeying all of your locks to the same key will lighten your keychain and remove confusion. To accomplish this, all of your locks must be of the same model or have the same sort of keyholes to be rekeyed. You may check this before hiring a locksmith by inserting your keys into the locks you want to be rekeyed to verify whether they have the same keyholes. You’re good to rekey the locks if they slip right in.

  • You have moved in and want to make sure you are the only one with keys that work. You have no idea who else has keys to your door once you move into a new house. Rekey your doors to guarantee that only you and your household have admission to your new house.
  • You misplaced a key and are concerned that it will be found and used to get entrance to your home.
  • You are changing staff and help services that have a copy of your house keys, such as cleaning staff, nannies, or pet sitters.
  • Can I Rekey the Lock or Do I Need To Replace the Lock?

    Your lock may most likely be rekeyed unless a vital component of the lock is destroyed or you desire a fully new lock. Because many people are unaware that they do not necessarily have to replace their locks when a problem develops, a skilled home locksmith will always provide this alternative to his clients.


    Rekeying a lock is just as good as getting a new and upgraded lock, and it’s a lot less expensive than replacing it. Therefore, if you need to rekey your locks, give the dependable locksmiths at Super Locksmith a call, and we will assist you to rekey your locks while also saving you money!

    Should I Attempt To Rekey the Locks Myself?

    When done by a professional locksmith, the rekeying process is quick. On paper, it appears to be a simple operation, especially if you understand how a pin-tumbler lock system works. However, if you mishandle one of the phases in the procedure, it’s quite simple to wind up destroying your lock. As a result, you may end yourself paying more than you anticipated.

    We recommend entrusting the rekeying process to the skilled specialists at Super Locksmith. When attempting to rekey locks, homeowners risk causing extra damage to their locks since they must first remove the lock from the door and disassemble it before starting the rekeying procedure. If you are not an expert with tools, be assured that the specialists at Super Locksmith will rekey door locks quickly and efficiently for you.

    I Just Moved Into a New House. Should I Rekey My Locks?

    This is a critical issue that our locksmiths get asked nearly every day, but the answer is yes! Because many people have been cheated by locksmiths in the past, and many still feel that locksmiths are constantly looking for a way to make quick cash, it’s easy for them to be cautious when locksmiths encourage them to rekey locks.


    Rekeying your locks, on the other hand, is critical for your and your family’s protection. When you move into a new house, you have no way of knowing how many people had a duplicate of your key before you arrived. Furthermore, there is always the potential that the lock on your entrance has a master key, especially if it was recently constructed or if it is a fully new property. If your lock was master keyed, there may be still more master pins within. This increases the number of keys that may be used to unlock the door while simultaneously reducing your control over the lock. Rekeying your locks allows a professional locksmith to remove any master pins that may have been left in your locks, as well as give you exclusive key control.