Safe Locksmith

What Should You Do If You Lose Your Keys Or Forgot The Password?

This is a very stressful scenario when it happens. If you have misplaced your safe keys or do not remember the combination, reach out to an experienced safe locksmith to open the safe. Trying to force the safe open can lead to even bigger problems. Our safe locksmiths at Super Locksmith know how to open a safe combination lock. Take advantage of our emergency locksmith service and one of our trained safe locksmiths will come and attend to the problem.

How Long Does It Take To Unlock My Safe?

The amount of time it will take to unlock your safe depends on the type of safe you have and the features it possesses. It can take anywhere between a few minutes to up to an hour to get your safe open. Once our locksmith arrives on the scene and is able to determine the type of safe you have, they’ll be able to give you an estimate of how long the process should take.

Will My Safe Be Damaged?

Our safe locksmiths use best practices to try to minimize the damage to your safe during the process of opening it. It’s important that your safe’s security features remain uncompromised to ensure the safety of the contents inside it. In most cases, we are successful in opening safes without causing damage to the hardware. Unfortunately, there are times when the only way to open your safe is to drill it open, which will cause damage.

Will The Contents Be Damaged In The Process?

It is very unlikely that the contents of your safe will be damaged during the process of unlocking the safe. This is because we know that whatever is in your safe is valuable to you. So we take every measure possible to prevent damage to the contents of the safe. Typically, if there is any damage caused while opening your safe, it is to the actual safe itself and not the contents inside. We recommend that you inform your safe locksmith if you have fragile items inside your safe that you fear may be damaged during the process to be extra cautious.

Ways To Open The Safe

There are a number of ways that we use to try to open a locked safe:

  • Bypassing the safe – Bypassing the safe is usually one of the first methods we try and often yields the quickest results.
  • Manipulating the safe – Another method is manipulating the safe, which typically takes longer to open than other methods. However, this method ensures that your safe will not be damaged in the process. This requires listening closely and, in some cases, using a stethoscope to listen to the sound the dial makes as we try to align it with the corresponding wheels. There is a particular sound made when the driver pin clicks the wheel fly. This sound informs us that the unlocking process is engaged.
  • Drilling the safe – Drilling the safe is a third method that is commonly used to force open a safe that is locked. In recent years, drilling has become harder to do because of enhanced security features many safes now have. The down side to drilling is that it does cause some minor damage to the safe but opens your safe quickly.
  • Scoping the safe – Scoping the safe is quite similar to drilling but the scoping method requires the use of a borescope – a tool used to determine the internal composition of a structure.
  • Cutting and prying – These are measures that are taken when all else fails and the only option left is to force the safe open. This will definitely cause damage to the safe.

Providing More Information About Your Safe

In order for a safe locksmith to unlock your safe, you should give additional details about your safe including the contents of the safe, the make and model of the safe and any additional information you feel is pertinent and may be helpful for us to know.